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Tourism enterprises can have a very positive impact on their destinations by creating jobs, contributing to GDP, bringing in new consumer markets for goods and services, increasing an area or destination visibility, all while protecting the local environment and preserving its art and cultural heritage. All of these benefits do not occur automatically, and must be properly integrated into the business planning process when creating a business strategy in the tourism industry. Yield Master has assisted with various tourism business projects – from Africa to Latin America – to maximise its own objectives.

Through our business management planning process and strategy, Yield Master will develop a step-by-step report that clearly articulates consumer demand driven products and services, and can serve as a powerful tool to attract funders and investors. Our plans analyse opportunities and demand for products and services, size up competition, reveal competitive advantages, identify target markets and strategies to reach them, and present a clear financial plan of both revenue and expenses.

Yield Master understands the tourism industry and has expertise in market analysis, competition analysis, strategic positioning and financial modelling. Our team of business development and strategy experts transform tourism assessment information and tourism product concepts into full-fledged business plans and tour packages. Our business plans take into account the conservation and development objectives and clearly articulate the resources needed to realise those goals. At the end of this process the entrepreneur holds in his or her hand a document to attract investors and guide enterprise and product development, sales and marketing, training, financial management, and operations.


“Together” Planning – Yield Master will work with you to articulate your vision into a comprehensive business plan that utilises human and financial resources more effectively, minimises risk, prepares for the unexpected, and has the best chance for a successful venture.

IPromotion – Through a motivational and concise report which will be shared with investors in order to attract capital or to promote a preliminary business plan.

Deployment Plans – A strategic report with clear steps for moving forward with developing the enterprise. In addition to clearly articulating the enterprise concept, the business and strategy plan will include:

  • Market analysis
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Competitive analysis and factors
  • Operations, training and follow-up plan
  • Objectives and work plan